“I wasn’t sure what to expect before my first session with Lauren. Since that first step, Lauren’s grace, compassion and wisdom has made me so thankful I did.  She has a gift for putting words to things when you feel foggy and unsure, in a way that gives you certainty and confidence. I will always be amazed by the ways this coaching has changed the ways I identify goals in my life and move toward them.

The knowledge, the patience, the empathy and the compassion that Lauren displays is almost unbelievable.  As we started our coaching sessions, I first noticed how quickly I became comfortable with our very open and honest conversations.  After that, I noticed Lauren’s ability to help me put words to my feelings and actions. I think this was the biggest step to understanding where I was and where I could be.  Each coaching session was filled with activities that encouraged me to think differently and opened my eyes to so much.”