“I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking for a great motivator and cheerleader to help guide them to healthier eating and thoughts about food, achieving goals, and changing habits!”


“I have Oprah “aha” moments all the time in my coaching sessions with Lauren! I have most appreciated that I am able to speak freely without feeling any judgement. She validates my feelings in ways that others don’t. Each session, she coaches me on new ways to think about things. I recommend her as a coach!”


“I am becoming who I’ve always wanted to be. I cannot express in words how life changing coaching with Lauren has been. She has opened my eyes to the different ways I can approach situations. I have become more grounded in who the Lord created me to be. Because of this, I am able to serve and love others more fully.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect before my first session with Lauren. Since that first step, Lauren’s grace, compassion and wisdom has made me so thankful I did.  She has a gift for putting words to things when you feel foggy and unsure, in a way that gives you certainty and confidence. I will always be amazed by the ways this coaching has changed the ways I identify goals in my life and move toward them.

The knowledge, the patience, the empathy and the compassion that Lauren displays is almost unbelievable.  As we started our coaching sessions, I first noticed how quickly I became comfortable with our very open and honest conversations.  After that, I noticed Lauren’s ability to help me put words to my feelings and actions. I think this was the biggest step to understanding where I was and where I could be.  Each coaching session was filled with activities that encouraged me to think differently and opened my eyes to so much.”


“I look so forward to my coaching sessions with Lauren, and I have learned so much! One of the biggest things I have learned from her is to not judge and criticize myself, but rather treat myself with kindness and curiosity – wow, what a change in my thinking! Lauren is a great listener, who truly tries to understand what I’m saying, and then responds with acceptance, encouragement, and sometimes a kind challenge.”