Enneagram Resources

So, I’m not a huge fan of enneagram tests – because they aren’t always accurate. But they can be a good place to start  – if you don’t know much about the Enneagram. I recommend paying $10 and taking the Wagner Test. The free tests just don’t have enough questions to be accurate. Keep an open mind – the result might not be your type. I highly recommend reading through all the numbers (I have book and podcast recommendations below).

Also, the beauty of the Enneagram is that it allows us to understand how other people experience the world. It’s a tool for empathy not just self-improvement. So, as you explore it – be open to learning about all 9 types. Try not to assign judgement around different numbers.

10 years ago I took the test – I scored as a 2 when I took a short test. I didn’t find the Enneagram a useful tool for me because I didn’t struggle with the things 2s struggle with. Years later, I dug in deeper and discovered I was a four. It was like fireworks in my brain, folks. For real, so many lightbulbs. It set me on a path of making new and transformative choices for myself.

All that to say, use the tests as resources not the authority.  You know yourself more than anyone else.

Here are some great resources…..

The WEPSS test

Some of my favorite books

This one is not kidding. It’s complete. It’s big. I love it. If you’re ready to dive in- get it.

This one is a great place to start. They do an awesome job at explaining all nine types. It’s super user friendly and a quick read.

Also a great one.  Anyone else have trouble picking your favorite books? It’s like choosing my favorite kid — it totally depends on the day!


The Enneagram Journey – is my favorite. Suzanne and I are close friends – in my head – haha.  Listening to podcasts can be weird, right? Anyone else feel like they’re friends with podcasters?!?

Typology – Is real good, too. A bonus, Ian is a 4 like me!


I love talking about the Enneagram and helping people figure out their numbers. I enjoy asking the questions that get people digging deep. Set up an appointment here if you want learn more about the type you resonate with.

Oh, and don’t forget my Enneagram Freedom Cards when you discover your type!

Enneagram Freedom Cards