Enneagram Freedom Cards

You know your Enneagram type — Now are you ready to get to work?

If you’ve heard about the enneagram and have spent time learning about what type you identify with, you know there’s so much info out there! The point of the enneagram is transformation – not for gaining a lot of head knowledge.

I’ve created a cheat sheet of sorts to help each number laser focus on practical steps towards transformation. Years ago, I made a Freedom for Fours entry in my journal and looked at it daily. Since then, I have experienced huge shifts in my thinking and the way that I interact with others. My hope is that you will experience a greater sense of freedom as you use this download.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as you start to wake up. Growth happens when we create a safe mental environment for ourself. Our old behaviors were important in protecting us. Now, we get to let the old ways of doing things fade away and start making choices that are going to lead us into living out our purpose.

Don’t forget… You’re wonderful! (Psalm 139:14)

Ready to get to work?

Use this download to wake yourself up to your unconscious reactions.  Reading through this daily, the bold words will become pattern interrupts for the unconscious ways you do things. Try it for a week. See what happens.

  • Use it as your phone background/lock screen
  • Stick it to your mirror
  • Put it in your car
  • Be conscious of your actions


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