I'm, obviously, not an artist - haha! But this image has been bouncing around in my mind for years.  I have been assessing my relationships, learning how to be as relationally healthy as possible - which starts with me having a right understanding of my worth and the worth of others. It's also helped … Continue reading I / YOU

Unlikely friends

Weariness & Joy Before my dad's sudden death 5 years ago, I had compartmentalized my emotions. I didn't know it then, but looking back I believed that grief and joy couldn't be experienced together. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum, you can't feel both at the same time. Over the years - first … Continue reading Unlikely friends

Eat More

Let's stop focusing on limiting ourselves and start listening to ourselves. Let yourself feel good. Loosen up the judgement around your relationship with food. Now let's talk a bit about balancing blood sugar... Counting chemicals trumps counting calories. Focusing on reducing chemicals an have a huge impact on your health Increasing food quality is the … Continue reading Eat More