A bit about me…

I’m loved. I know that I have deep value to God; that knowledge allows me to see and experience love from others. I’ve known Jesus my whole life but I’ve been on this deep value journey for the last five years. It has been challenging, but extremely rewarding!

IMG_1892I’ve been married for 17 years. We are still very much learning how to do healthy married life. We spent the first 16 years just doing the married life. After an abrupt end to a stint overseas, our marriage was in a shambles. We’ve been rebuilding the ruins since May 2017. We are both committed to working on our own issues and being gracious with each other. These two commitments, along with a few imperative tools (Retrouvaille and the Enneagram) have changed our relationship and given us hope.

I get to be a momma to four really amazing humans. For real, I would want to hang out with them even if they weren’t related to me. The boys are 16 months apart – then there is a two year gap, and then the girls are 14 months apart. Essentially we have three sets of The Odd Couple living under the same roof. Our kids are extremely close yet have completely different personalities. It’s an adventure for me to learn to love and parent each of them in the ways that they need.


I’m a recovering connection-addict. It’s a real thing. I love deep connection and vulnerability. I used to feel disappointed if I didn’t have an intense connection in a day. I’m learning that it’s ok and good to have times of surface level conversations. Not every emotion needs to be processed and picked apart — this was shocking for me to learn!

Although I love depth. I’m also goofy and enjoy laughing at numerous snafus I create on the daily.

I love immersing myself in all different cultures. I love learning about relationship, growth, and the mind/body connection. I love traveling and exploring new places. I love nature.

I was born, raised and still live in the greater Detroit area. I keep trying to break out of here but the Lord has other plans — so for now we are staying put!

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