The Almighty Breath

Hey there-

There’s a gift waiting for you. The only catch is – you have to intentionally receive it.

The world is messy and broken.

Filled with messy and broken people.

We were made to be healed and restored. But the kicker is we have to allow ourselves to receive the gift of healing and restoration.

Maybe you need healing from a huge: trauma, hurt, or health set-back, or you’ve just had a rough day filled klutzy moves and run-ins with less than happy people.

The gift of healing and restoration is waiting…but we have to reach out for it.

Job 33:4 The breath of the Almighty gives me life.

In my health studies, I was amazed to learn about the power deep breathing has in our lives. In just 2 minutes, we are able to switch our parasympathetic nervous system on and give our bodies the illusion of being calm. Which stops cortisol production among other things.

Fake it ‘til you make it. Maybe you’re stressed. Give your body a break and pretend you’re not! The practice of slowing down for 2 minutes and breathing can have a huge impact on your health. Emotional, spiritual and physical.

Want to try it? Today, pause a few times throughout your day, try the 5-5- 7 breath. Breath in for 5, hold for 5 and breath out for 7. Do this 10 times and your mind just gave your body a gift. Adding this 5-5-7 breathing in before you eat a meal will make for greater digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Breath is a gift. Intentionally breathing in the Almighty’s life giving restoration and breathing out the wounds of your day, your life is a gift only you can open.

Over the last few years, my wounds piled up – a disappointing stint overseas, the battle for my marriage, my ovary trying to kill me – and all the little things in between. I’m grateful the practice of intentional restoration has given me space to heal.

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