Relationship Status?

Screenshot 2018-08-10 01.24.42

This relationship changes when our mind, body and spirit are connected. We learn very quickly in life that painful things happen and how to please others. When we spend much of our life dodging pain and pleasing others, we disconnect from our needs and desires.

Switching on this connection begins with noticing what your needs are – without judgement, without guilt, without blaming others. When your body speaks and your mind listens the relationship begins to heal.

5-ish years ago I began this journey of healing. I began asking myself what I needed and allowing myself to have my needs met instead of being a martyr, frantically meeting others’ needs.

What I found was that I was able to help others more when I knew my own and honored them.

I also found that I wanted to feel good. I began feeding my body foods that would nourish it. Eating a bag of chips every day wasn’t actually making me feel great- surprising, huh? My body wasn’t looking for restriction, it was looking for care and I learned to feed it with more that just food.

After many years on this journey of listening and building a relationship with my body, I’m 20 pounds lighter. The weight isn’t the important part. I think my body needed the weight as a protection because of my high expectations and lack of gentleness.

This whole-bodied connection is a lifelong journey and one I’m very grateful for. I’m continually learning new things about myself.

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